Amsterdam parks: short story series

Oosterpark, Amsterdam. The first large park of the city. Here you can find the Slavery Monument, which commemorates the abolition of slavery in the Netherlands in 1863. 


Amsterdam-inspired short story

“We used to walk through this park a lot, but one day he got lost. I couldn’t find him anymore. He just let go of my hand. I still look for him every time I walk here, with no luck. But I know he’s still there. Those were good times.”


Microrrelatos inspirados en Ámsterdam

“Solíamos caminar mucho por este parque, pero un día se perdió. Ya no pude encontrarlo. Me soltó la mano y se fue. Todavía lo busco cada vez que camino por aquí, sin suerte. Pero sé que sigue ahí. Aquellos fueron buenos tiempos”.


Vondelpark, Amsterdam. The most popular park in the city. It has an open theatre, a playground, and many cafés.


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